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Documentary Premiere hosted successfully

Documentary was hosted this afternoon, the venue was full of audience. Because of the rain and some special reasons, some participants were not here, but don't worry, next I will brife everybody with the situation.

Before the audience came to the venue, our staff has prepared pastery, fruit, wine and beverage for all of them, when I first saw this, how I wish I had 100 stomachs.(ˉ﹃ˉ)



The right time was coming. The guests were almost here, and we prepared a little gift-nicer outdoor battery for them.






What surprised us was that many children came to the event, and they said they like the documentary a lot.


After the premiere, the guests enjoyed the wine and pastery, and had a nice talk. The atomesphere here is cosy and comfortable, friends shareed their ideas to each other and exchanged their views. It rained a lot outside, but it didn't affect us at all.

The documentary is the first documentary produced by HIMF, thanks for all the friends and staff who made all of this possible and the guests who attended the premiere. The supervisor Mr. Peter said he just like a primary students handing in the paper to bring us the documentary, we know the paper is not 100 points, but we will try our best in the future and make the best mountain film for everybody.