Record adventure thru lens Share miracles thru films 

About us

HIMF is a sports culture sharing platform. HIMF invites internatio-nal mountian film festival organizations and individuals to join in the booming Chinese mountian culture & sports, and widely com-municate with Chinese outdoor enthusiasts. What's more, we will show Chinese mountain sports to the world.

Our Mission

  • Cultivating and nurturing Chinese mountain culture
  • Hosting various film festivals & screening activities
  • Hosting extreme sports event & activities
  • Recommending Chinese film works to international mountain film festival organizations and strengthen the communication
  • Runing a film training school
  • Shooting and producing films about extreme sports events & mountains

Mountain Sports Culture

  1. Record the history of mountain sports
  2. Advocate mountain sports spirit
  3. Communicate widely with other cultures
  4. Spread mountian culture
  5. Show the true mountain sport value

Mountain Sports Spirit

With respect and awe to nature, free peo-ple's nature and challenge himself, respect and help others, awake the sense of res-ponsibility and courage, understand the meaning of life, and care for the wildplaces.

Himalaya Elements

  • adventure
  • mountainculture
  • outdoor safety
  • LNT
  • YDP

Our Aim

Record adventure thru lens       Share miracles thru films