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The Encounter-beautiful Altun mountains

The Encounter

Everything in this world is a beautiful encounter!

When the cold encounters heat, the rain comes; the spring encounters winter, the years have passed; when the sky encounters the earth, the eternity becomes true; and when one person encounters another, a new life begin! 
There are so many encounters in life, some are romantic, beautiful and unforgettable; some are just like clouds, gone without a trace; and some are destinied by fate, that you will encounter each other and familiar with each other at first sight.

And so ENCOUNTER is the theme of our activity in Altun Mountains from 10th-19th March this year, that the HIMF team filmed a lot of scenes there. The activity provided us a better understanding about the wild animals and the environment, what's more, it laid a solid foundation for our future exploration.

The below video shows the beautiful encounters between Himf Shenzhen & the wild animals and the mountains, and it's just a wonderful trailer...

More beautiful encounters are coming...


Encounter the frozen earth starting to melt




Encounter the mountain in the morning air, clean and clear




Encounter the robust wild yak running in the snowy mountains bravely




Encounter herds of wild donkey gallop at full speed




Encounter the solemn and magic life and death



Encounter the Tibetan antelope enjoy their life in the paradise




Encounter, no need for any words, it comes from the eyes and heart



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